Aspire2Teach and Aspire2Lead – Southern California Regional Collaborative & LACCD

In conjunction with the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) and the Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) the Aspire Alliance California Regional Collaborative offers two pathways for future community college leaders and faculty. Aspire internships offer graduate students and postdocs, including CIRTL Scholars. Practitioners and Associates, interested in teaching or administrative positions the opportunity to learn more about faculty life and governance within the Los Angeles Community College District. 



Aspire2Lead interns are given opportunities to learn more about leadership within the Los Angeles Community College District.  Interns engage in intentional networking and professional learning opportunities, assessment projects, and policy research. Additionally, the Aspire2Lead interns will assist in sharing statewide resources and creating professional learning opportunities for the Aspire2Teach interns. 


The purpose of the Aspire2Lead program is to increase the leadership potential and opportunities for URG professionals interested in working with LACCD. This program will also give interns the opportunity to engage with LACCD leadership to enhance their leadership skills and abilities while building strong professional networks. 

As an Aspire2Lead Intern you will…

  • Develop leadership skills 
  • Have the opportunity to facilitate networks of faculty, administrators and students
  • Develop meaningful relationships with community college and district leadership
  • Support increased student access, success, equity, and completion through the dissemination of resources 


  • opportunity to establish relationships on campus and throughout the District
  • expand their professional networks – and thus their prospects for part-time and later full-time employment


The program is open to all qualified applicants that meet the State Minimum Qualifications in the subject area to which they will be assigned as interns.


The Aspire2Teach internship trains and prepares future faculty interested in teaching at a community college for employment. The program offers a series of institutes on inclusive teaching, professional learning opportunities, and classroom training under the guidance of a mentor in their specific discipline. 

Purpose: The purpose of the Aspire2Teach internship is to increase the pool of underrepresented candidates in community college stem teaching positions that will reflect the diversity of the student body. 

As an Aspire2Teach Intern you will…

  • Gain valuable experience teaching in a community college classroom 
  • Develop meaningful relationships with community college faculty 
  • Be apart of a cohort of future faculty committed to inclusive teaching at local community colleges


  • a supportive and engaged cohort of fellow interns, 
  • access to constant observation and interaction opportunities with a master teacher
  • campus and district events
  • regular in person debriefings
  • Hire Me workshops 

Aspire internships offer stipends and additional resources for all participants, with the goal of closing the opportunity gap and fostering the next generation of community college leaders and stem faculty. 

Questions? Contact: Katie Dixie, Program Coordinator for the California Regional Collaborative, at