Program Coordinator for the California Regional Collaborative

Katie Dixie, Ph.D.

NSF INCLUDES Aspire, California Regional Collaborative 

Program Coordinator, California Regional Collaborative and Aspire Internship Programs

Assistant Director, UCLA’s Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences

Welcome Message from our California Regional Collaborative Program Coordinator

Hello all and Welcome!

I am so excited to join the team as the new Program Coordinator for the California Regional Collaborative! I hope you’ll join me in my enthusiasm for the mission of this collaborative and associated internship programs. I look forward to continue building communication channels that strengthen professional relationships among Southern California’s 2 and 4-year institutions and supporting future faculty as they prepare for their careers in education. I also be coordinate the Aspire2Teach and Aspire2Lead internship programs for graduate students, post-docs, and other working professionals interested in teaching at community colleges, and am looking forward to meeting our next batch of interns.


A little more about me…

I am a recent graduate of the Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology PhD program at UCLA, but during my graduate career I discovered my true passion for STEM education. For the past several years I have worked with the team from the Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences (CEILS) to help advance my professional development and that of other graduate students. I am excited to now be joining this team to further promote and share the passion I have for STEM education with other young professionals and future faculty. As a graduate student, I helped redevelop the TA training course for graduate students in my department and conducted a small Teaching as Research project on the effectiveness of these changes on TA use of pedagogical practices and confidence and self-efficacy as educators. I was also highly involved in the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) at UCLA, and became an official CIRTL Scholar by presenting this work at several conferences. Due in part to my work with future faculty, I was also recently awarded the 2019 UCLA Distinguished Teaching Assistant award. Finally, I am joining this project after being the inaugural Aspire2Lead intern. As an Aspire2Lead intern I was able to participate in several conferences with 2-year college faculty across the state and meet many of the members of our collaborative, with whom I cannot wait to continue working with!


Stay in contact, stay in community! 

I invite you all to reach out to me with any questions, announcements or updates. I will consistently share information through our social media channels and send out a monthly newsletter that will include job postings, events, news, and other information from our regional partners.

I look forward to connecting with you as we all work towards advancing diversity in STEM education.

I can be reached at or I am looking forward to hearing your comments and questions!


Co-Leads Representing University of California Institutions

Photo of Jess Gregg

Jessica Gregg, Ed.M., M.A.

NSF INCLUDES Aspire, Principal Investigator

Associate Director of UCLA’s Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences
Academic Coordinator, Life Sciences Core Education Department

Co-Lead Representing California Community Colleges

Jamey Anderson, Ph.D.

Santa Monica College

Department Chair for Physical Sciences

Professor of Chemistry

Co-Lead Representing California State University Institutions

Photo of Nancy McQueen

Nancy McQueen, Ph.D.

California State University, Los Angeles

Associate Dean of the College of Natural and Social Sciences

Professor of Microbiology