How to Land a Community College Job

Every step of the application process for faculty positions can be quite different from applying for a job at a major research institution, counsels Melissa Dennihy.

Many graduate students dream of landing a tenure-track job at a prestigious research university, and advisers are also likely to have such institutions in mind when they assist graduate students in preparing job materials. But it’s possible that when a graduate student enters the job market, there may be few openings at research institutions and a far greater number at teaching-oriented institutions, including community colleges. Read More

Job Search Advice

The higher education job market is competitive. Put your best foot forward and increase your chances of landing your next job in academe with the useful tips, advice, and job search strategies below.

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What to Expect at a Community-College Interview

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Not only are you unlikely to give a job talk during a community-college interview, you may not be asked any questions about your research at all. The fact that you do research may be impressive, but it’s not part of the faculty job description at most two-year colleges. In fact, the subject matter of your scholarship might not be particularly relevant to the entry-level courses you would be assigned to teach.

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